Web and mobile app for F&B businesses to digitize delivery acceptance, automate data entry and simplify stock counting
Say goodbye to paper delivery notes and manual data processing
With Muffin, all the received paper delivery notes are digitized and automatically transferred to your ERP/POS system.
Using the Muffin is easy as pie.
By simply swiping your screen, you can fully digitize the delivery acceptance, automate data entry into your ERP/POS system, and simplify stock counting.
Getting started with Muffin is a piece of cake.
Muffin is designed to be easily incorporated into your existing ERP/POS system, without requiring any additional integration efforts. This means that you can start using Muffin right away, without any need to modify your current system or undergo complex integration processes.
Muffin streamlines your work, making it faster, better, and easier than ever before.
Eliminate manual retyping
Automate data entry from delivery notes to your system.
Get rid of errors
Say goodbye to typos and errors for good.
Boost productivity
Do you work faster, better and easier.
Free up your time
Save up to 5 hours per week.
Embrace the power of digitalization and automation to streamline your data processing and improve your work efficiency.

Muffin is an intuitive web and mobile app designed to digitize the process of F&B acceptance, automate data entry into your ERP/POS system, and simplify stock counting through its user-friendly swiping interface.

Say goodbye to manual data processing and enjoy the benefits of automation!


With Muffin’s seamless integration, you can receive customers’ orders directly system without the need for manual data entry. Besides, our innovative solution faster, allowing you to set up more efficient logistics processes.

Say goodbye to manual data processing and hello to streamlined processes, accuracy, and faster order fulfillment!

Oh, and by the way - Muffin is not a price comparison platform (and will never be one).


You can count on our team to provide 5-star support every step of the way.

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