Muffin is an intuitive web and mobile application designed to digitize the process of F&B delivery acceptance, automate data entry, and simplify stock counting through its user-friendly swiping interface.
With Muffin, you have the flexibility to use either our ordering system or your preferred method, while still enjoying seamless functionality across all app features.
Accepting deliveries
You can customize your delivery acceptance process to your specific needs, and Muffin will guide your employees through it. As you receive deliveries, simply swipe through items to mark any deviations in quantity received versus the quantity ordered, and generate desired reports, such as reclamation reports, etc. Once the delivery acceptance is confirmed, all updates are automatically applied to your system.
Delivery notes history
Muffin simplifies delivery tracking with easy access to real-time data and complete delivery history. Check reclamations or search for products associated with specific delivery notes quickly and easily.
Muffin simplifies the process of creating and managing special procedures or reports you need to create while accepting deliveries. With everything in one place, you no longer have to worry about keeping track of everything separately.
Stock counting
Say goodbye to paper and excel files for weekly or monthly stock counting. With Muffin’s simple app, you can eliminate manual summing and retyping of item quantities to ERP/POS. The app can be used by multiple employees at the same time and will speed up the process of stock counting.
No need to worry if your suppliers use different measurement units than you do. With Muffin, you can easily customize your unit of measurement to fit your needs and ensure everything matches up perfectly. Import all your items and details, and choose the unit of measurement that works best for you.

Muffin streamlines your work, making it faster, better, and easier than ever before.

And so much more.

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